Saturday, October 2, 2010

Double-Decker Car Garage

For some reason, I receive Family Fun magazine. I'm really not sure where it comes from: Christmas gift, perhaps? Nonetheless, this month, I flipped right to the page with this craft (I've tried to link several times, but something isn't working). 

Any way, you'll need:
two cereal boxes, 5 toilet paper tubes (I used a toilet paper roll and two paper towel rolls, cut),
glue and decorating items -like yellow construction paper to cover the tubes, markers

Cut all tubes to make 5 tubes of equal heights. 

Cut one cereal box so that you have an almost enclosed space with four sides remaining. 

Cut another cereal box so only one flat panel remains for the bottom. Glue the pillars in place
to the top level, glue to the bottom. Cut strips from one box to create ramps, then cut the top level to 
make an outlet for the cars to go down the ramps. 

Obviously, I skipped using any sort of creativity with the yellow construction paper. 
This would be a great craft for brothers gifting hand-made items to each other for Christmas.

Turner loves his garage and has played with it for days on end!