Sunday, November 7, 2010

Month In Review

I start this off by saying "I can't believe it's been a whole month!" but I'd be lying through my teeth! It's been a long month but we're all here: healthy and just fine.

Our last week in Jacksonville was insane, to say that absolute least. The Boone was going to suck every last drop out of John that it could. He worked incredible hours until the very last day. Thankfully, my parents took the kids for about a week while I had the pre-move inspection, packers and then movers. 

We drove down, separately, very late on a Friday night and then spent just a few days in Land O'Lakes with my family. Thinking we were going to meet our shipment, we started our drive on a Tuesday to get to Virginia (with a stop in Charleston, SC) on Thursday. While in Charleston -actually, we were loading up to finish the drive- I received a call from the truck driver. He informed me he was ready to deliver. Fantastic, I'm eight hours away with three kids so that's like 12 hours. I hung up the phone, crying, as I had just thrown out my back and can barely move...and now I have to drive. It was painful on so many different levels. 

Here is the trip, in pictures. I've tried to remove the painful parts and just remember the fun stuff! 

 Stopped in Georgia. We did it old school with picnic lunches. 

Checking out the "shooter guns" at the 'Del.  

Walking in to Daddy's old barracks.  

Lunching in North Carolina 

 Pumpkin pickin' the first Saturday here. 

Since we had no furniture, we took little trips. This doughnut place was in 
Duck, NC in the Outter Banks.  

 Brotherly love in Kitty Hawk.

Eli found a fishing lure and thought he had found a friend
for life.  

He loved that little fishy!

 Of course, he loved it to death...

Baby Deacon, of course, was a trooper; he nursed and fell asleep on the beach.  

Our friends, Dan and Joy, helped tremendously. One night Joy prepared and packed an 
entire meal. The boys had fun fighting...I mean eating on the floor.  

Fall in our neighbor's yard. Our was filled with boxes and paper.  

The truck, finally! 

What is that white, powdery, substance? Oh, why, it's a 10 pound (OPEN!) bag of flour that was packed. Thank you Sir Mover, but I'd rather buy a new bag when I arrive.