Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Before I Had Three Kids

Welcome to the first installation of "Before I Had Three Kids" where I'll tell you something I thought before I had three kids. Naive? Sometimes. Stupid? Abso-freakin-lutely.

Here we go.

Before I Had Three Kids...

I thought it was so gross that one's subsequent children could be sick at a young age. I mean, how can that happen to such a little baby? Honestly, my kids never had to go to day care of any sort so they were never exposed to tons of different germs and viruses early. Say what you want, I just thought it was a lack of attention on the parents' part. They could wash their hands better and try to not let the bigger kids put their dirty little paws and snot on the baby.

Well, it just happens...

Dunks with his first fever, thanks to his first run-in with the flu.

Now that I have my own day care of sorts, I see that some things just get passed around. My hands are cracked and bleeding from washing, but sometimes there isn't enough time between snot wiping to cleanse again. I tried to keep the bigs from kissing on the little, but they love him and I'm not going to be accused of squashing affection. 

C'est la vie. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crawling Back

...from the dead!

Holy crap, that sucked. After last night, we're finally on the mend. Turner's fever hovered around the 103 mark leaving him in a lump on the couch. The poor dude was confused; almost like he knew he was supposed to be up and running but he just couldn't. I'd ask if he wanted this or that to eat and he'd try a bite but put it down. He'd try to play but go sit back down. After not bathing for two days I tried to get the older two in the tub. Turner sat for a minute but I could tell he was just out of it.

I put the boys down for the night last night and finally turned my attention to the baby. He was feverish and starting to get restless. Eli came in to visit around 8:40 and I knew it was going to be a loooong night. Deacon needed to nurse as much as possible to fight the virus but Eli was NOT being a good bed buddy. The baby fell asleep so I brought Eli back upstairs, sat with him until I thought he was sleeping and went back down to comfort a cranky babe. Eli came BACK down at midnight and I thought I'd just let him stay in bed. He tossed and turned and tossed and turned and.... until 4am. I was SO furious. Just tired. The baby nursed all.night.long. Eli kicked and whined. Turner started crying that he wanted Eli back upstairs.


I brought Eli upstairs, brought Turner to my room and told them to sleep or I'd be very upset. I know, great mommy skills. Everyone was screaming; I was desperate. They slept til 7:23. Joy.

The good news is that the baby slept from some time in the early morning until around 10am. Fever free. He's on the mend now, too.

I felt terrible about the morning so I sneaked in to the shower and just washed the funk off. I promised the boys that we'd make cookies if they took a good nap. I've been able to put them ALL to sleep (Turner sounds like he's just laying in bed, coughing his little head off), have a cup of tea and read some "mom-spiration."

Here's to a better week!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Flu Schmu

Some how, we've managed to be graced with the flu virus. Between the library, gym and aquarium the nasty germies made their way in to Eli first. Saturday morning he woke up very grumpy, after nap he had a fever but I didn't really make much of it. We had some friends over and he just went downhill. It seemed like he was a little better as he made his way out of my room (he went to sleep again at 4:30 and just wouldn't move). He came out to play with our friends but I could see he wasn't himself. I feel terrible because if I knew in any way, shape or form it was the flu I would have cancelled. 

As soon as our friends left I felt a fever develop. I already had a terrible cough and that got worse over night. So bad, in fact, I pulled the muscles between my ribs. 

I decided to take everyone to the walk-in clinic on Sunday morning because I knew they'd give Eli tamiflu. Normally I'm not a treat the symptoms kind of person but with no extra help around, I wanted to shorten the length of misery. 

It's a good thing we did because this morning Turner woke up with a fever. The doctor prescribed two bottles of tamiflu so I've started Turner on it as well.

So far little dude doesn't have any symptoms. I had a really long night with him as he just couldn't be satisfied. He did wake up with a cough but I'm hoping it's nothing a little extra nursing can't cure.

We're pretty miserable over here and I wouldn't have survived the last few days without the help of my friend, Joy. She has gone out of her way to bring us supplies. 

Friday, January 21, 2011


It's always interesting when you do something new. Not only did we finally make it to the aquarium, but it was our first homeschooling event, I met a friend I've only known through the world wide web, and I went to a large public place with the crew (without John). I felt like a bona fide homeschooler. There were a lot of moms and kids so I tried to introduce myself to a few people and I think it was a mixed bag. 

Checking out sediment.

Turner was super excited to see the sting rays!

The absolute favorite of the morning was the submersible. They played in here for quite some time.

Eli was NOT a fan of another child trying to touch Deacon. 

Only after watching Turner would Eli used his finger to touch. Then, of course,
true to Eli fashion, he grabs a horseshoe crab and flips it over!

This cutie was such a trooper. 

After the aquarium, we came home to realize that I locked us out of the house (why is the key not on the key ring? I don't remember...). Mr. Eddie came to our rescue, though: he's such a sweet guy.  

We topped the night with popcorn and a movie. Turner got to stay up late to read some new library books and it seems as though we've had a good day! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Never Know How Good You Have It

Until it's gone...

Is that a country song?

Ok, not gone gone ...but for a few weeks. I know I have a fantastic husband but I never knew how seamless we really were until he headed back out to sea. He does bath and bed, get-the-last-drop-of-energy-out, wind down, books, jams, kisses, call backs, water cups, monster stomp, owl eye removal (read: reflection that looks like owl eyes to a 4 and 2 year old), and he even goes back and remind kids it's time for bed not dance parties.

My shoulders burn, my vision is blurry, I need one of those 4 Loco drinks: caffeine and alcohol at one time. Tired is just not it!

Through that, though, we've managed to have a good day. The kids were pretty tired and a little worse for the wear from our late night last night. We went to library story time and, later, Tarder Joe's and to our dear friend Grace's second birthday party! She travelled all the way from Jacksonville to celebrate in Virginia Beach and we weren't going to miss it! It's all the boys have talked about for days.
Happy SECOND Birthday Grace! 

Eli was infatuated with this roasted pig! Turner was completely freaked out. 

He stuck his finger in the pigs nose and then his. For comparison? Perhaps. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Babe Eats

A few days ago we started Deacon on some pureed food. I was going to do baby led weaning, but it kind of freaks me out. I honestly don't know what I'd do if he choked and John wasn't around so I busted out my mini food prep and blended up some avacado. 

He's sitting up well on his own...until he gets excited or sees one of his brothers. He topples right over and it's quite funny to the big boys.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Check-ups All Around

...and one ANNOYED Mamma.

Deacon went for his 6 month well baby check yesterday. He weighed 16.5 lbs and it was such a fast and furious appointment at the Navy Health Factory I didn't get to write down his length. He was delayed with shots so  I did end up having him vaccinated with three different shots to make sure he'd be ok around the older kids. He received HIB, Dtap, and something called Pedirix. Deacon was such a champ. He winced and just as I sat down to comfort nurse him he stopped and started smiling. Later in the evening, though, he got super cranky and overnight he ended up with a 102* fever. He nursed through the entire night or would cry. I felt so terrible!

Today it was the big boys off to their appointments. The clinic at Mayport was so far sub par that it was ludicrous: almost funny. That being said, Eli had not been to see a doctor for a well visit since he was NINE months old and his shot record indicated he hasn't received a vaccination since his 6 month well baby. I hated the clinic that much. To date, Eli is 32.5 lbs and 40 inches. As we sat with the doctor for 2.5 seconds he told me the shots Eli would need and I kindly said we'd do about 2-3 today and save the rest for another few months. There is ZERO reason in my mind to have everything done at once. I was then informed that I had no rights according to the Navy. You don't get to pick and choose your shots. Either Eli suffered through Dtap, HIB, Prevnar, MMP, Varicella, Hep AND chickenpox or we get NO SHOTS.

ARE YOU EFFING SERIOUS? The doctor said that the Navy, across the board, requires you to follow their schedule or NO SHOTS FOR YOU! He even went on to say, cautiously, that even the AAP allows for wiggle room.

Not only are we farmed through like a factory but now I don't get to choose the shots my child receives? I now am faced with the choice to bring him (unvaccinated) to the Health Clinic or to go out of TRICARE Prime and use Standard.

Needless to say, I walked out without even bothering with Turner's exam. He did get weighed and is 44 lbs!

I'm so beyond pissed off that, along with a phone call, this rule maker will get a piece of my mind in a letter. He boss, and her bosses boss, too. NO ONE tells me what to do with my child. NO ONE.

Ok, all done. Now, to take care of a sick husband, a cranky baby and two toddlers that were up from 1:42 until well past 4 a.m.

Coffee...laced with coffee....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Little Spray Paint

So this whole focus thing is working out pretty well for me. I know we're only five days in to the New Year but I've realized just what can be done with a little concentration. Might be easy for you, but I have to constantly refocus my attention. It's tough because I literally get 10 minute increments during the day between the kids, the house, school, etc. 

I even got this little guy done in just a few hours (drying time). I love it and I think I'll add a little wood finish to give it some depth. I'll wipe most of it off so it's not an all over darkened effect but just a touch of something else. 

I've always hated this "bachelor days" table and have banished it to the guest room.

I decided if it had to be in the living room, it needed some color! 
So, Valspar's "Mediterranean" it was...

Love it now! 

This fabric is finding a new life as a braided circle rug. We need one for our preschool work and I couldn't spend $110 on an ugly rug! I just couldn't. So, I found a tutorial at Moda Bake Shop and was totally inspired to make my own beauty. I've even gotten color ideas for the room now! Going with grey on the walls for the first time. John is skeptical, but I've got BIIIIG plans. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

One Little Word 2011

Last year, I tried to choose a word to give me some inspiration. One little word that would help me through a difficult year. I totally lost sight of it because it was an ill chosen word for my particular situation that year. When my friend, Christine, mentioned OLW again, it was without hesitation I knew my word.


I am choosing to focus on our little life when there are so many distractions. 

Focus on my children, individually.

Focus on my marriage while we have the time to do so. 

Learn to focus on the projects I want completed. 

Focus on myself, in time. 

By just reminding myself to focus, I have made progress in just three days. I was able to organize
my one measley pantry by Mod Podging some boxes with fabric.
From this...
In to this! 
And I turned an old black picture frame in to this pretty awesome white board!  

 I'm excited to see what the year holds and I'm positive that this word will help me remember to just 
focus on what's important to me. 
Right now the important stuff is right in front of me 
(well, at least the aftermath is). 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Auld Lang Syne

(Don't worry I had to look it up, too!) 

I should have known that when we started out the year alone, it was going to be a long one! 

No amount of talking to myself could have prepared my mental state for what we went through and accomplished this year. It was a known fact that I was absolutely freaked about having three kids. I was nervous about John's deployment (for all normal reasons), afraid of leaving yet another place, scared of how the kids would react to all the changes, did I mention absolutely scared shitless of having THREE KIDS?!?

Guess what? We survived! The boys and I thrived while John was gone, we survived his crazy schedule after his return...and all while juggling THREE KIDS. Really, it wasn't that bad. Chaotic, yes. Bad, no. 

That being said: I'm happy to see 2010 go. I'm excited about the next seemingly easy year. We're going to finish up preschool and Turner has decided to go to a "real school" this fall. While John goes to school in Rhode Island, the boys and I will spend some time in New Jersey. After that John just sits and waits to take command in December. No crazy schedule, just a full year with him (or close to him). I'm excited to turn 30 and move on to the next season in my life. I LOVE watching these kids grow and develop. If they would all stay two, I'd be a happy camper! 

I hope this year brings us much happiness, as all the other years have.