Monday, January 3, 2011

One Little Word 2011

Last year, I tried to choose a word to give me some inspiration. One little word that would help me through a difficult year. I totally lost sight of it because it was an ill chosen word for my particular situation that year. When my friend, Christine, mentioned OLW again, it was without hesitation I knew my word.


I am choosing to focus on our little life when there are so many distractions. 

Focus on my children, individually.

Focus on my marriage while we have the time to do so. 

Learn to focus on the projects I want completed. 

Focus on myself, in time. 

By just reminding myself to focus, I have made progress in just three days. I was able to organize
my one measley pantry by Mod Podging some boxes with fabric.
From this...
In to this! 
And I turned an old black picture frame in to this pretty awesome white board!  

 I'm excited to see what the year holds and I'm positive that this word will help me remember to just 
focus on what's important to me. 
Right now the important stuff is right in front of me 
(well, at least the aftermath is). 

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