Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Never Know How Good You Have It

Until it's gone...

Is that a country song?

Ok, not gone gone ...but for a few weeks. I know I have a fantastic husband but I never knew how seamless we really were until he headed back out to sea. He does bath and bed, get-the-last-drop-of-energy-out, wind down, books, jams, kisses, call backs, water cups, monster stomp, owl eye removal (read: reflection that looks like owl eyes to a 4 and 2 year old), and he even goes back and remind kids it's time for bed not dance parties.

My shoulders burn, my vision is blurry, I need one of those 4 Loco drinks: caffeine and alcohol at one time. Tired is just not it!

Through that, though, we've managed to have a good day. The kids were pretty tired and a little worse for the wear from our late night last night. We went to library story time and, later, Tarder Joe's and to our dear friend Grace's second birthday party! She travelled all the way from Jacksonville to celebrate in Virginia Beach and we weren't going to miss it! It's all the boys have talked about for days.
Happy SECOND Birthday Grace! 

Eli was infatuated with this roasted pig! Turner was completely freaked out. 

He stuck his finger in the pigs nose and then his. For comparison? Perhaps. 

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