Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Little Spray Paint

So this whole focus thing is working out pretty well for me. I know we're only five days in to the New Year but I've realized just what can be done with a little concentration. Might be easy for you, but I have to constantly refocus my attention. It's tough because I literally get 10 minute increments during the day between the kids, the house, school, etc. 

I even got this little guy done in just a few hours (drying time). I love it and I think I'll add a little wood finish to give it some depth. I'll wipe most of it off so it's not an all over darkened effect but just a touch of something else. 

I've always hated this "bachelor days" table and have banished it to the guest room.

I decided if it had to be in the living room, it needed some color! 
So, Valspar's "Mediterranean" it was...

Love it now! 

This fabric is finding a new life as a braided circle rug. We need one for our preschool work and I couldn't spend $110 on an ugly rug! I just couldn't. So, I found a tutorial at Moda Bake Shop and was totally inspired to make my own beauty. I've even gotten color ideas for the room now! Going with grey on the walls for the first time. John is skeptical, but I've got BIIIIG plans. 


Mike and Cicely said...

Dang girl! You and your crafty ways! Love it :)

Christine said...

Yay! Love it!! <3

Katie said...

I'm excited to see the rug! You are AWESOME!!