Friday, January 21, 2011


It's always interesting when you do something new. Not only did we finally make it to the aquarium, but it was our first homeschooling event, I met a friend I've only known through the world wide web, and I went to a large public place with the crew (without John). I felt like a bona fide homeschooler. There were a lot of moms and kids so I tried to introduce myself to a few people and I think it was a mixed bag. 

Checking out sediment.

Turner was super excited to see the sting rays!

The absolute favorite of the morning was the submersible. They played in here for quite some time.

Eli was NOT a fan of another child trying to touch Deacon. 

Only after watching Turner would Eli used his finger to touch. Then, of course,
true to Eli fashion, he grabs a horseshoe crab and flips it over!

This cutie was such a trooper. 

After the aquarium, we came home to realize that I locked us out of the house (why is the key not on the key ring? I don't remember...). Mr. Eddie came to our rescue, though: he's such a sweet guy.  

We topped the night with popcorn and a movie. Turner got to stay up late to read some new library books and it seems as though we've had a good day! 

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