Saturday, January 1, 2011

Auld Lang Syne

(Don't worry I had to look it up, too!) 

I should have known that when we started out the year alone, it was going to be a long one! 

No amount of talking to myself could have prepared my mental state for what we went through and accomplished this year. It was a known fact that I was absolutely freaked about having three kids. I was nervous about John's deployment (for all normal reasons), afraid of leaving yet another place, scared of how the kids would react to all the changes, did I mention absolutely scared shitless of having THREE KIDS?!?

Guess what? We survived! The boys and I thrived while John was gone, we survived his crazy schedule after his return...and all while juggling THREE KIDS. Really, it wasn't that bad. Chaotic, yes. Bad, no. 

That being said: I'm happy to see 2010 go. I'm excited about the next seemingly easy year. We're going to finish up preschool and Turner has decided to go to a "real school" this fall. While John goes to school in Rhode Island, the boys and I will spend some time in New Jersey. After that John just sits and waits to take command in December. No crazy schedule, just a full year with him (or close to him). I'm excited to turn 30 and move on to the next season in my life. I LOVE watching these kids grow and develop. If they would all stay two, I'd be a happy camper! 

I hope this year brings us much happiness, as all the other years have. 

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Christine said...

Happy New Year my friend! OMG, the best part of 2011for me will be that Ashley is turning 3!! I feel like we've been in the Terrible Twos trenches for over 2 years. :P