Monday, January 24, 2011

Flu Schmu

Some how, we've managed to be graced with the flu virus. Between the library, gym and aquarium the nasty germies made their way in to Eli first. Saturday morning he woke up very grumpy, after nap he had a fever but I didn't really make much of it. We had some friends over and he just went downhill. It seemed like he was a little better as he made his way out of my room (he went to sleep again at 4:30 and just wouldn't move). He came out to play with our friends but I could see he wasn't himself. I feel terrible because if I knew in any way, shape or form it was the flu I would have cancelled. 

As soon as our friends left I felt a fever develop. I already had a terrible cough and that got worse over night. So bad, in fact, I pulled the muscles between my ribs. 

I decided to take everyone to the walk-in clinic on Sunday morning because I knew they'd give Eli tamiflu. Normally I'm not a treat the symptoms kind of person but with no extra help around, I wanted to shorten the length of misery. 

It's a good thing we did because this morning Turner woke up with a fever. The doctor prescribed two bottles of tamiflu so I've started Turner on it as well.

So far little dude doesn't have any symptoms. I had a really long night with him as he just couldn't be satisfied. He did wake up with a cough but I'm hoping it's nothing a little extra nursing can't cure.

We're pretty miserable over here and I wouldn't have survived the last few days without the help of my friend, Joy. She has gone out of her way to bring us supplies. 

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