Monday, December 27, 2010


Christmas this year ended up being a white one! The white stuff started falling later in the evening and continued through the day Sunday. 


Right at 12.5" (we got about another inch)

Turner had SO much fun. He immediately fell down to make snow angels.

I opted to stay inside and made syrup to make the snow tasty.

This child hasn't left the house in days and refuses  to go out in the white stuff
(or change out of these Star Wars jams for that matter)!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Most Favorite Christmas!

I've had a few Christmas mornings in my day, but this one takes the cake. Maybe it was my family finally being complete or maybe it was Turner's expressions as he opened gifts. Whatever the case, this was my absolute favorite Christmas, to date. 

Friday night we brought this hand made botique style tutu and wand to our friend AJ. She celebrated her second birthday Christmas Eve. 

 My sweet little reindeer has begun to sleep on his own, in his crib, for naps and a few hours at a time at night. He takes a baba and just coos himself to sleep. He's started sitting up and is just a delight. 

 Really, he's the ABSOLUTE reason I'd have 10 more kids. 

 Turner was SO excited to put the cookies out for the fat guy. 

 The tree and loot before the morning destruction! 

 Turner when he first spotted the stockings! 

 Eli is really not a morning person; especially when he's woken up.

Our family of five!

 These kids would have been content with their stockings. 

 My heart and my life! These crazy ass kids make my day. 

 Eli was quite overwhelmed and preferred to play with just a few toys. 

 Mainly, he loved the truck Turner picked out for him! 

 Light sabers were the popular toy. Along with the "Good Night" helmet and Star wars toys.

Deacon was kind enough to wait until after gifts to present us with an explosive diaper.

After he was all changed I sat him up and he he was able to balance for the first time!

 The sun in my shine and the happy in my ness. This little boy puts all my fears of three kids to rest.
 He is such a doll!

We had such a great morning watching the boys rip open gifts and really enjoy themselves!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Glimpse of What's to Come

This little blog of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. Or neglect the crap out of it. Either one.

I used to love journaling all the little details of my pretty normal days. Having kids has made me focus on day to day house tasks and family care-taking. Even more: having three kids, a husband and a nomadic life style have put my desire to chronicle our life at the bottom of my list. The thought of forgetting those memories makes me cringe! It's like losing digital pictures because you hit the wrong button: terrible!

I love the idea of being able to click around and remember different things on different dates or even to print out pages for my kids to see later. By the way, the kids' phrase for yesterday and/or last time is "lasterday." See? Will I remember that next year?

Tonight was a glimpse of what's to come. The kids went to bed (if they stay there past 4am is a COMPLETELY different story), the baby is sleeping on his own (I'm miraculously not typing with one hand while he's nursing), my hubs and I had some time together and I feel oddly refreshed for 10pm. Even after being awakened at 4am for the second day in a row, being up with the baby all night, dealing with a breast infection, taking care of a sick Eli... 

And so, I'm promising myself a little "me" time to write/plan/think. My mind is SO full of ideas and things that need to get done. John can only take so much of "see how cute this pattern is? Does this stitch look crooked? Do you think the kids would like these Montessori sensory crafts or should I just stick to a letter/number thing today?" Ya know? He's a dude. It's like when he talks football or politics to me: in one ear and out the other!

With that, I'm off to see what else I can get done in a night!