Sunday, February 27, 2011

He's Baaaack!

John returned last Wednesday from five week underway with the Bush!

He was lucky enough to come home to a four day weekend and the boys and I couldn't be happier for the break. I have to say, the last four days were what I imagined John's home coming from deployment to be like. It gives me home that most of his returns from now on will be this great!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Accidental Cupcakes

Early this morning we headed to City View Park to enjoy some warm(er) weather and a good ol' fashioned wear out. My very first college roommate was going to be in town and staying with us so I wanted the boys to take a great nap, anticipating we'd be up late. 

As we pulled in to the parking lot, I saw this pink truck. Turner immediately thought it was ice cream. Curious, I walked over to ask if they were selling any cupcakes. The lady said they weren't as they were filming a commercial, but we could be filmed if we wanted (um, no thanks, my kids are in their pajamas). I thought it quite weird that you'd head out in your van advertising cupcakes but not having any. Their loss...I thought!

The Pink Diva (aka cupcake mobile!)
The boys and I went over to the park to play, not minding the "no cupcakes for sale" cupcake van. Turner was very intrigued so he kept riding his bike over. We had seen a film crew and there were not a few more people around (maybe 4). 

About an hour later, a lady came over to tell us we could come get cupcakes! 

I walked over with Turner and Deacon (while Eli played with a new friend) and some cash that I had, ready to get just a cupcake for the boys to split. The lady asked what Turner would like and he said "You know, the kind with frosting!" She handed him a cookies 'n' cream and a chocolate chip cookie dough and then Turner says "Well, I have another brother!" How cute is that? Trying to get a cupcake for Deacon (aka Mommy). The cupcake lady was so sweet, she gave us all treats! FOR FREE!!! 

Turner thought he was so cool ordering!
It turns out Twisted Sister Cupcakes was filming for Cupcake Wars! I think it was just their entry for the show but, nevertheless, a fun experience. 

The camera crew with the "crowd" behind.
I've got my fingers crossed they make it on to the show not only so I can see my babes (Lord, please NOT me!) on TV but because they're a local, sister owned, business. 

What was left after the kids enjoyed theirs. 
The goodness exposed. 
I'm now a fan on Facebook so I can get their listings and whereabouts. It's a mobile cupcake business so the sisters will post their menu for the week and, via Facebook, they tell you where they'll be that day. 

Turner loved the experience so much he declared the cakes the "best he's ever had!" He even ran back to the van to tell the sisters that their cupcakes were better than his moms. Really, he did...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

After much anticipation, the boys and I had a completely easy day. Both big boys were very excited to come and tell me it was the day so I tried to be super excited for them. 

Finding their treat mailboxes.
While the boys munched on breakfast of fairy bread (an Aussie thing I found out about while living next to one in Jacksonville), I made a rather large pot of coffee. 

I made the mistake of telling the boys they could open a box from their Noni and Pop Pop after nap time. Well, in the excitement of the day, naps (for either) didn't happen. I considered it a gift to myself as bed time would be coming super early and I had a fabulous bottle of wine that I wanted to crack open.
Opening Grandma's cards.

Gifts from Noni and Pop Pop were fun!

I should have seen the ominous clues...

To kill some time on such a beautiful day we headed out to "Trash Park." Eli acted off all morning but I just assumed his gaseous nature was from the junk food. While we were at the park he slipped and fell between two wooden structures, busted his lip, scratched up his back and then promptly fell asleep on me. When we got home all was alright. Around 10:30 he came in to my room saying he "didn't feel better." Just a few minutes later he was thrashing around and ended up with an upset stomach until the wee hours of the morning. He went through 10 diapers in two hours. Poor dude. After all that he started to vomit. Pink and red. Yay. 

It was a great day but this Mama is DONE! 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

T'was the Night Before Valentine's

Really. Turner is THAT excited about Valentine's Day. It's my fault, though. We haven't had much to do so the boys and I concentrated efforts in to paper crafts, baking and planning sweet nothings for tomorrow. 

We made treats for our friends and even delivered them. The paper purses, crayon boxes and teeny take out boxes contained candy and other treats for the kids while the chocolate sauce was for the parents.


Some of the loot we delivered to our local friends.

We crafted our hearts out, made each other things and we've given lots of random hugs and kisses. 

The weather has changed, for the better. Today it was close to 55 or 60. The kids LOVED being outside without all the crazy winter gear. It's so much easier to give them the boot without having to load on the jackets and hats! 

Enjoying an al fresco lunch.

Yikes. I look THAT good. 

Since I'm not exhausted or anything, I made these love bugs to hang above the boys' beds. They'll love waking up to the little surprise!

Target $1 spot mailboxes hold an incredible array of junk and Valentine's messages from Mommy!
Tomorrow we'll be enjoying heart pancakes with sprinkles (the requested breakfast), we'll play with rice boxes, make Valentines for Daddy and just try to enjoy the day together. 

I hope your Valentine's Day is great! It's the first time, in my memory, that I've looked forward to one so much. The world through the eyes of your kids is really the most wonderful part of parenting.

Friday, February 11, 2011

My Kind of Snow Day

It snowed AGAIN this past Thursday. I have to admit, I freaked out since I have no back up. I grabbed extra milk Wednesday, just in case there was more snow than predicted. I mean, I really have NO idea what to do. Things ended up being just fine. It did snow, but the next day was in the 40's so it wasn't so bad!
Turner LOVES to get out in the white stuff.

He's such a  bit helper. 
With MUCH coaxing, Eli donned a snow suit and went out.

He ended up enjoying the exercise and the use of the snow shovel.

Chunks hung out with me, but still had a good time!

This baby is always smiling.

What happens when you get a phone call while trying to make oven s'mores.
The day was filled with little nothings that added up to a full day. We cleaned, baked, fought, slept and crafted. It was just a normal Thursday around here! 

The count down is on! Just a few days til the Big Dude is back!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Before I Had Three Kids

I used to be fairly cognizant of time, paranoid of being late or holding people up. From the time I started having control of my arrival times I've always been first to classes and I even had to consciously stall so I wasn't the very first person to parties. I would pester my mom to hurry up and even fib about what time something started so she'd leave the house in enough time. It's always been that way, I'm just timely.

I always cringed when people walked in late to something, and when "that mom" with the three kids came in all disheveled and late I was SO happy I didn't "have my hands full" and forget I even made plans with someone.

Then, I had three kids.

My family consistently arrives ten minutes late. We start out hours before, getting everyone ready and, miraculously, we're late. A few weeks ago we almost missed one of our dearest friend's change of command. I was so red and flushed I thought I'd die of embarrassment. Not from the kids running up and down the stairs while all these uniformed people talked about stuff I didn't care about...because we were late!

One day it's Monday, the next it's 5 weeks later. I have all sorts of cards and packages for Christmas that still need to go out. Friends, I do love you. I can't even click and print a label because I forget what I'm doing half the time. It's not you, it's me.

I'm just happy to make it places, let alone be on time. We usually trip in the door to the library story time and, I am "that mom" all disheveled and crazy looking. It's probably my unkempt eyebrows that are crazy looking. I digress...

Even worse, today, the boys and I had a standing date with a dear friend and there she stood, in the cold, two kids in tow, knocking at my door for over 30 minutes. I had walked to a neighbors house to drop something off and totally lost track of time. Lame, no? Life right now.

So, to everyone out there. I apologize. I really do. I hate being late and losing track of time. I said I'd never do it, but, here I stand...late.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Crafts

This is the first Valentine's Day the kids have been in to doing crafts. Turner, especially, loves doing hand work. 

This is probably ruining the surprise, but here are a few things we've been working on. I'm not sure who's enjoyed the crafts more, me or the kids!

Felt hearts hand stitched on to card stock. I poked holes with an embroidery needle and then
let Turner stitch through with a blunt end needle. He thought he was hot stuff sewing!

Feet print to make "feethearts."
Tire tracks in paint for cousin Nelson's Valentine.

Keepin' it cheesy.
$1 spot mailbox from Target filled for cousin Nelson. The two items on the bottom
are balloons. Apparently, you hit them with your fist and they pop open. Hopefully,
it won't scare the crap out of the kid!  
Paper crafts a la The Shabby Princess (and my fabulous friend, Christine). The strawberries
have conversation hearts and went in Nelson's mailbox.
The box is filled with mints for my dad and a heart on the inside says
"Pop Pop, we were MINT to be together." 
These two were sitting and dumping trash (wadded up paper) from their trash trucks.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just Passing the Time

This time of year, no matter where we live, it's all about passing the time. Usually it's raining or cold and, while I do try to let the kids get out in almost any type of weather, Mama just ain't in the mood for outdoor play. 

So, we've been doing a little of this (click to go to our homeschool blog and see a game) and a little of that. 

To calm them down after bouncing or running around, I pull out their sensory boxes.

Valentine's rice boxes. John emailed and wanted to know what the
fairies were all about. They're just trinkets I found at Michaels! Sheesh. Boys
can play with fairies, too!
Big Dude has had some great days, despite missing Daddy.
Eli loves his "wice" box! 

Turner's new favorite activity is making cakes out of his rice. He measures ingredients,
bakes and adds decorations. Then, he sings Happy Birthday to Mommy...every time
he makes a cake.
All my boys. I can't believe I have THREE of them!
After much anticipation, Deeks still has just two teeth. 
He's sitting up very well on his own. Every so often he'll topple over
in excitement.
Is it spring yet? 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have been suffering from a serious sinus infection. It is extremely painful and I have NO idea how or why I got one. It's my first and I hope to avoid them in my future. I can't seem to get well these days!

Despite the crazy pressure headache I've had since Sunday, life goes on. The kids, especially Turner, get really emotional when John leaves now (apparently) so I've been trying anything in my power to keep the peace and keep them occupied. Turner has been really excited about "Ballentimes" Day so we made this giant heart countdown calendar. 

Two paper bags tape together, painted with pink white and red.

Behind each smaller heart is a small task to do for the day. Things like "give extra kisses to someone," "make Valentines for Noni and Grandma," "make treats for our friends" and the like.

Just something to do each day.