Friday, February 11, 2011

My Kind of Snow Day

It snowed AGAIN this past Thursday. I have to admit, I freaked out since I have no back up. I grabbed extra milk Wednesday, just in case there was more snow than predicted. I mean, I really have NO idea what to do. Things ended up being just fine. It did snow, but the next day was in the 40's so it wasn't so bad!
Turner LOVES to get out in the white stuff.

He's such a  bit helper. 
With MUCH coaxing, Eli donned a snow suit and went out.

He ended up enjoying the exercise and the use of the snow shovel.

Chunks hung out with me, but still had a good time!

This baby is always smiling.

What happens when you get a phone call while trying to make oven s'mores.
The day was filled with little nothings that added up to a full day. We cleaned, baked, fought, slept and crafted. It was just a normal Thursday around here! 

The count down is on! Just a few days til the Big Dude is back!

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Mike and Cicely said...

I can't believe all the snow y'all have been getting! I think VA's gotten more snow this winter than all the twenty years I lived there combined!

So glad John will be home soon!!

The picture of Deacon laughing with his two bottom teeth just made me giggle :)