Sunday, February 13, 2011

T'was the Night Before Valentine's

Really. Turner is THAT excited about Valentine's Day. It's my fault, though. We haven't had much to do so the boys and I concentrated efforts in to paper crafts, baking and planning sweet nothings for tomorrow. 

We made treats for our friends and even delivered them. The paper purses, crayon boxes and teeny take out boxes contained candy and other treats for the kids while the chocolate sauce was for the parents.


Some of the loot we delivered to our local friends.

We crafted our hearts out, made each other things and we've given lots of random hugs and kisses. 

The weather has changed, for the better. Today it was close to 55 or 60. The kids LOVED being outside without all the crazy winter gear. It's so much easier to give them the boot without having to load on the jackets and hats! 

Enjoying an al fresco lunch.

Yikes. I look THAT good. 

Since I'm not exhausted or anything, I made these love bugs to hang above the boys' beds. They'll love waking up to the little surprise!

Target $1 spot mailboxes hold an incredible array of junk and Valentine's messages from Mommy!
Tomorrow we'll be enjoying heart pancakes with sprinkles (the requested breakfast), we'll play with rice boxes, make Valentines for Daddy and just try to enjoy the day together. 

I hope your Valentine's Day is great! It's the first time, in my memory, that I've looked forward to one so much. The world through the eyes of your kids is really the most wonderful part of parenting.


Mike and Cicely said...

YOU are the kind of mama I am always trying to be like- crafty, creative, and so full of fun!! :) And darn cute, to boot. Your hair is getting long, girl!

Nellie said...

cicely, for real...i copy everything i see from blogs and friends! nothing creative going on here!!!

plus, this is our first year doing these sorts of crafts. the boys were totally in to it, that's the only reason i did them!