Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just Passing the Time

This time of year, no matter where we live, it's all about passing the time. Usually it's raining or cold and, while I do try to let the kids get out in almost any type of weather, Mama just ain't in the mood for outdoor play. 

So, we've been doing a little of this (click to go to our homeschool blog and see a game) and a little of that. 

To calm them down after bouncing or running around, I pull out their sensory boxes.

Valentine's rice boxes. John emailed and wanted to know what the
fairies were all about. They're just trinkets I found at Michaels! Sheesh. Boys
can play with fairies, too!
Big Dude has had some great days, despite missing Daddy.
Eli loves his "wice" box! 

Turner's new favorite activity is making cakes out of his rice. He measures ingredients,
bakes and adds decorations. Then, he sings Happy Birthday to Mommy...every time
he makes a cake.
All my boys. I can't believe I have THREE of them!
After much anticipation, Deeks still has just two teeth. 
He's sitting up very well on his own. Every so often he'll topple over
in excitement.
Is it spring yet? 

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Mike and Cicely said...

I LOVE the picture of Deacon with his two teeth- I could just eat that baby up! And why are the older bros looking so grown to me??? What happened to our babies from last year?