Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have been suffering from a serious sinus infection. It is extremely painful and I have NO idea how or why I got one. It's my first and I hope to avoid them in my future. I can't seem to get well these days!

Despite the crazy pressure headache I've had since Sunday, life goes on. The kids, especially Turner, get really emotional when John leaves now (apparently) so I've been trying anything in my power to keep the peace and keep them occupied. Turner has been really excited about "Ballentimes" Day so we made this giant heart countdown calendar. 

Two paper bags tape together, painted with pink white and red.

Behind each smaller heart is a small task to do for the day. Things like "give extra kisses to someone," "make Valentines for Noni and Grandma," "make treats for our friends" and the like.

Just something to do each day.


Mike and Cicely said...

Hoping you feel 100% well soon! I wish I was closer to help you out. Love the Valentine's heart idea- might have to do that over here too :)

Nellie said...

Thanks, Cicely! I hope you're finally all better, too!