Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine Crafts

This is the first Valentine's Day the kids have been in to doing crafts. Turner, especially, loves doing hand work. 

This is probably ruining the surprise, but here are a few things we've been working on. I'm not sure who's enjoyed the crafts more, me or the kids!

Felt hearts hand stitched on to card stock. I poked holes with an embroidery needle and then
let Turner stitch through with a blunt end needle. He thought he was hot stuff sewing!

Feet print to make "feethearts."
Tire tracks in paint for cousin Nelson's Valentine.

Keepin' it cheesy.
$1 spot mailbox from Target filled for cousin Nelson. The two items on the bottom
are balloons. Apparently, you hit them with your fist and they pop open. Hopefully,
it won't scare the crap out of the kid!  
Paper crafts a la The Shabby Princess (and my fabulous friend, Christine). The strawberries
have conversation hearts and went in Nelson's mailbox.
The box is filled with mints for my dad and a heart on the inside says
"Pop Pop, we were MINT to be together." 
These two were sitting and dumping trash (wadded up paper) from their trash trucks.

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Mike and Cicely said...

I love the 'feethearts'! So stinkin' cute :)