Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

After much anticipation, the boys and I had a completely easy day. Both big boys were very excited to come and tell me it was the day so I tried to be super excited for them. 

Finding their treat mailboxes.
While the boys munched on breakfast of fairy bread (an Aussie thing I found out about while living next to one in Jacksonville), I made a rather large pot of coffee. 

I made the mistake of telling the boys they could open a box from their Noni and Pop Pop after nap time. Well, in the excitement of the day, naps (for either) didn't happen. I considered it a gift to myself as bed time would be coming super early and I had a fabulous bottle of wine that I wanted to crack open.
Opening Grandma's cards.

Gifts from Noni and Pop Pop were fun!

I should have seen the ominous clues...

To kill some time on such a beautiful day we headed out to "Trash Park." Eli acted off all morning but I just assumed his gaseous nature was from the junk food. While we were at the park he slipped and fell between two wooden structures, busted his lip, scratched up his back and then promptly fell asleep on me. When we got home all was alright. Around 10:30 he came in to my room saying he "didn't feel better." Just a few minutes later he was thrashing around and ended up with an upset stomach until the wee hours of the morning. He went through 10 diapers in two hours. Poor dude. After all that he started to vomit. Pink and red. Yay. 

It was a great day but this Mama is DONE! 


Nicole said...

Nellie, I love the fairy bread idea! My boys will go crazy for that one :) Sorry you had such a rough end to the day. Hopefully all the kids will be well again soon!

Nellie said...

My kids boys love it! It's typically a birthday morning treat around here but I figured it would be a welcomed breakfast treat that morning!