Saturday, February 19, 2011

Accidental Cupcakes

Early this morning we headed to City View Park to enjoy some warm(er) weather and a good ol' fashioned wear out. My very first college roommate was going to be in town and staying with us so I wanted the boys to take a great nap, anticipating we'd be up late. 

As we pulled in to the parking lot, I saw this pink truck. Turner immediately thought it was ice cream. Curious, I walked over to ask if they were selling any cupcakes. The lady said they weren't as they were filming a commercial, but we could be filmed if we wanted (um, no thanks, my kids are in their pajamas). I thought it quite weird that you'd head out in your van advertising cupcakes but not having any. Their loss...I thought!

The Pink Diva (aka cupcake mobile!)
The boys and I went over to the park to play, not minding the "no cupcakes for sale" cupcake van. Turner was very intrigued so he kept riding his bike over. We had seen a film crew and there were not a few more people around (maybe 4). 

About an hour later, a lady came over to tell us we could come get cupcakes! 

I walked over with Turner and Deacon (while Eli played with a new friend) and some cash that I had, ready to get just a cupcake for the boys to split. The lady asked what Turner would like and he said "You know, the kind with frosting!" She handed him a cookies 'n' cream and a chocolate chip cookie dough and then Turner says "Well, I have another brother!" How cute is that? Trying to get a cupcake for Deacon (aka Mommy). The cupcake lady was so sweet, she gave us all treats! FOR FREE!!! 

Turner thought he was so cool ordering!
It turns out Twisted Sister Cupcakes was filming for Cupcake Wars! I think it was just their entry for the show but, nevertheless, a fun experience. 

The camera crew with the "crowd" behind.
I've got my fingers crossed they make it on to the show not only so I can see my babes (Lord, please NOT me!) on TV but because they're a local, sister owned, business. 

What was left after the kids enjoyed theirs. 
The goodness exposed. 
I'm now a fan on Facebook so I can get their listings and whereabouts. It's a mobile cupcake business so the sisters will post their menu for the week and, via Facebook, they tell you where they'll be that day. 

Turner loved the experience so much he declared the cakes the "best he's ever had!" He even ran back to the van to tell the sisters that their cupcakes were better than his moms. Really, he did...

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Mike and Cicely said...

Those cupcakes look soooo yuuummmmyyy!! :)