Sunday, February 26, 2012

Using What You Have

In our quest to become debt free, I have decided to do something different than my normal "spring shopping spree." John and I have finally paid off our credit card debt (left over from college and stupid young people spending) and now have just two car payments left to our names. We would have only had a single car payment left, but his paid-off-truck was totaled in a car accident in December leaving us with another car payment. 


I decided a long time ago we have too much crap. We move around a lot and, while I try to keep things to a minimum, my items have never counted in this. Last year I spent about $500 on some new clothing since I was nursing a toddler and not a new baby. I could wear some new things and, so, I decided I deserved it. The items I purchased last spring were from H&M, Forever 21 and one other place that I can't recall. All were items that were cute, fun, and inexpensive (as I have small children and any items would just be used as a giant wipe, anyway). Not a single item I looked at in my closet was wearable for this summer. It was either faded, tearing or was shrunk in the wash. 

Combining only tank tops I already had and other fabric or thrifted finds, I have started creating new summer dresses by using this tutorial. 

Grey tank + thrifted women's XL light blue button down shirt. (Yes, I'm
wearing jeans...I was cold!)

Blue tank + shrunken dress bottom (it was literally up to my undies!)

Pink tank + bottom part of a maxi dress that didn't fit right. 

yellow tank + fabric on hand (lined with some light muslin)

Navy tank + botom of a dress I bought in Mexico five years ago! 

This is the dress that started the whole idea! Not exactly like the dress I found on Modcloth,
but, made by me so even better! 

I'm happy with the progress, so far! I've got a bunch of dresses left to make. I also have more crafts and things to sew for the boys' super hero room so we'll see what I get to before the spring.