Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friends and Frogs

Yesterday was full of "firsts" for Turner. It was nice to see him finally break free of the two year old and try to be three for a day.

We were at the smal park in our community and two boys came in the gate. He turned to ask me "Hey, what's hees name?" and I about fell over. This? From the kid who clings to my leg? Wow! I immediately said "I don't know, let's go ask them." We walked up to the two boys and I tried to get Turner to ask their names. He didn't, but their grandmother got the general idea. Not even two minutes later Canon and Turner were throwing a football! It was the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Turner would even say "Yaaaaay Cannon. You caught the ball!"

Canon and brother Mason (3 and 13 months) and Turner ran around and collected sticks to put in a pile. I cannont wait for Eli to run around with his brother. I hate wishing for time to go faster, but I just want to watch them run together!

We came home and along the way collected all the magnolia leaves we could find. It seemed like Turner still wanted to play so we went out back to play and investigate things. In the play house, there was a frog! Just a tiny little rain frog. Turner squated and said "Hey! What is that?" I said "A frog!" And out of nowhere, with Mr. Miyagi-like skills caught the frog with his thumb and index finger! I was so excited, I ran and grabbed the first camera I saw. He caught his first frog! Again, adorable.

After Mr. Froggie had been loved to death (I'm pretty sure he was just stunned.), it was time for a nap. I thought the day had already gone great. When Turner woke up we were talking about changing his diaper and about how big boys go on the potty. Out of no where, he said he needed to pee and he wanted to go on the potty. He went several times and then just didn't feel like it any more. I was caught off guard and didn't have any cool "potty pants" or special treats. I'm hoping when the time really comes it's going to be that easy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No Pain, No Gain

Facebook has this little box that you can write something about yourself in. I've been staring at it for months. Who am I these days? I have no idea. Am I super mom? Uh, no. Hot mom? Eh, not too sure of that one. Awesome wife? I've been better. Am I Nellie? Still, nothing. I have no idea.

How to figure this out is something I've got to do. I feel like I've given up my body for long enough this time around. It's time to get my groove back. Groove? I'm not even sure if I ever had that in the first place.

I went for a run the other day, a la double stroller. It was tough (32lb stroller + 50lbs of kiddos -120lbs of me...give or take, depending on how much milk I'm packin'), but when I got back to the house I had that feeling. That little feeling that I love when I'm done working out. That little something that says you're better for doing this. That inner athlete feeling.

I'm pretty sure getting back in to running is a step in the right direction. The gym is a little tough for me right now. I think, though, in the coming months I'm going to check out the local gyms and the kiddie care they have. Especially when it will be too hot to run outside. I hate having the kids just sit and smolder in the stroller while I enjoy the wind. Something seems wrong with that.

That being said, I've picked out my first race. The Tour de Pain (seriously, that's the name) is in August. Honestly, I don't see it being all that bad from the cardio stand point. I can just imagine how sore you are, running 3 races in two days! There are also the logistics of training for a race considering the lack of extra hands around here. I can't depend on a schedule of any sort and I'm going to have to take what I can get!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Labor of Love

About two weeks ago, I noticed Ollie starting to refuse baby food. He would get distracted. I didn't want to force the issue because he had the "mystery illness." Last week, he quit the stuff -cold turkey. I thought he just wasn't taking solids from me because when he had been sick I let him nurse nonstop.

This week he's not the least bit interested in ANYTHING he can't pick up himself. It took a few days, but I'm over the shock. I milled T's food up until at LEAST 11 months. It was probably around the year mark that I let him start eating things on his own. I mean he wasn't eating pureed foods, but...

I just know how much nutrition I can shove in to home made from scratch baby food. It kills me that he's refusing the organic, wholesome, cubes I've got tucked in to the bottom drawer of the freezer. So....

There was an entire pot of beef (fillet cut, of course) and veggie soup I made the night before. I thought I'd try and shove it in to a pancake. Why? Earlier that day, John had given Eli one of Turner's pancakes (with spinach and blueberry). At first, I freaked out because it had chocolate and a bit of added stevia. But, Eli gobbled it up so fast I thought he dropped it!

Trader Joe's Baking Mix is my absolute favorite for making pancakes. I used the broth from the soup instead of milk, added some of the already pureed beef and finely chopped the veggies. So far, they're going over well. The way I figure, it's more than he'd be getting if he were feeding him self. There's no way he'd be able to chew up the beef with just two molars. I'm pretty proud of my little idea!

On the griddle right now: carrot, sweet potato and apple pancakes. In the dry mix is also wheat germ, ground chia seeds, cinnamon, allspice and ground ginger. I just tasted the first batch and they were super bland. I just added a bit of brown sugar (since my agave nectar, stevia and more random things are still somewhere in the garage in the missing food box). I also added a bit of milk because the chia seeds are soaking up all the liquid! Oh, the apple, sweet pots and carrots were cubes of food that were already pureed.

Next up:

Spinach & Blueberry with silken tofu, chia and wheat germ

Chicken -but maybe in a "crab" cake form?

Food wise, I'm just letting him test his limits. It's just hard, though, figuring out the finger foods or whether or not he's eaten enough x, y, or z for the day. I am still offering the pureed stuff, just because it's going to go to waste if I don't do something with it.

Sigh, pancakes are up...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Things I Need to (re)Learn to Do...

My neighbor came over this morning. Thankfully, she was in her bathrobe and sans makeup. I was equally as classy in my nursing tank, baby on me in a carrier and my '80's hair rockin' everywhere...

Any way, she came over to let me know something was wrong with a sprinkler. Upon reluctant investigation, it looked like a water main break. We were spewing gallons and gallons of restricted water all over the driveway and in to the street. Ah! I don't even know how to turn off the stupid water. Sad...

So, here's my list of things I need to learn to do before John starts getting underway.

Learn to:
1. Turn the sprinklers off.
2. Take the trash out (3 glorious years of barely touching the bins -but, this was after 14 months of meticulously separating EVERYTHING in Japan)
3. Quit having an adrenalin rush every time something goes bump in the night.
4. Make dinner and feed myself. Yes, actually eat dinner and not yogurt or cereal...or wine...
5. Find a plumber, the gas man, and all the other men in my life.
6. Change a tire in a shorter amount of time. As in, under 10 minutes so the kids to freak out. Is that possible?
7. Exercise my Second Amendment right. Well, at least have a legal firearm with proper protection and education. I know all about it, Southern style...
8. Make time for myself.
9. Stop "treating" the boys to make up for the fact that Daddy's not here. It's just a fact. We have to live with it and it does not mean I have to buy cars every time we're at Target!
10. Regain the hand over the finances. Shore tours, it's John's job. Sea tours, my job. Ah! Excel...

There are probably more things I need to (re)Learn but I think that's a lofty (enough) goal for now.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Running in SloMo

Sometimes I feel like I'm in a movie. The character is running but the film is in slow motion. Slow blinks, one foot in front of the other and then BAM the fricken light post. I mean, I'm living. I'm loving staying at home with my buddies, but life just seems to be one big stretch of a running scene in slow motion. I've barely been running!

I try to remind myself, every day, that the kids are only this little once. In a year, Turner's not going to be telling me he's "gonna dit" me, Eli's not going to be nursing and sticking his fingers in my mouth and up my nose. Turner won't be listening to my heart with his Cookie Monster stethoscope or asking "Tan you tiss it?" I will sorely miss these moments...


Some days. COME ON!

Wait, I just reminded myself to stop. One day, I'll be rewinding home videos wishing I was looking schleppy and enjoying my babies. Hopefully, Ollie won't be biting my boobs. My hair won't be pinned up and this huge zit won't exist because I was able to wash my face regularly!

Ok, I feel better. I'm in regular motion now.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Whatcha Doin'?

Turner had been playing with this magnifying glass the entire time we were at my parents' house. He was "inbestagating" everything.
I got this shot and asked him what he was doing. Very seriously, he says "I lookeeing for my penis. Ok, Mommy?"

Thursday, April 9, 2009


This week was CA-RAZY! We had John's Hail & Farewell Saturday. When we got home, I noticed Ollie still felt warm. From there, he had a high fever for three days. Two trips to the urgent care at the hospital at the Naval Air Station and one well baby visit later we still have no idea what happened. I attribute it to Ollie always wanting to keep things fresh. He'll be a great interior designer one day...

The menu this week ended up being that of survival. I am trying to use all the groceries I bought on Sunday but I'm not going to beat myself up. I did end up with $42 in savings. I had a few great coupons...

Tonight is the first night I've not had to nurse Ollie for hours on end. Holy molars and mystery illness!