Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friends and Frogs

Yesterday was full of "firsts" for Turner. It was nice to see him finally break free of the two year old and try to be three for a day.

We were at the smal park in our community and two boys came in the gate. He turned to ask me "Hey, what's hees name?" and I about fell over. This? From the kid who clings to my leg? Wow! I immediately said "I don't know, let's go ask them." We walked up to the two boys and I tried to get Turner to ask their names. He didn't, but their grandmother got the general idea. Not even two minutes later Canon and Turner were throwing a football! It was the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Turner would even say "Yaaaaay Cannon. You caught the ball!"

Canon and brother Mason (3 and 13 months) and Turner ran around and collected sticks to put in a pile. I cannont wait for Eli to run around with his brother. I hate wishing for time to go faster, but I just want to watch them run together!

We came home and along the way collected all the magnolia leaves we could find. It seemed like Turner still wanted to play so we went out back to play and investigate things. In the play house, there was a frog! Just a tiny little rain frog. Turner squated and said "Hey! What is that?" I said "A frog!" And out of nowhere, with Mr. Miyagi-like skills caught the frog with his thumb and index finger! I was so excited, I ran and grabbed the first camera I saw. He caught his first frog! Again, adorable.

After Mr. Froggie had been loved to death (I'm pretty sure he was just stunned.), it was time for a nap. I thought the day had already gone great. When Turner woke up we were talking about changing his diaper and about how big boys go on the potty. Out of no where, he said he needed to pee and he wanted to go on the potty. He went several times and then just didn't feel like it any more. I was caught off guard and didn't have any cool "potty pants" or special treats. I'm hoping when the time really comes it's going to be that easy!

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You are becoming a beautiful writer. I felt like I was right there watching Turner throw the football and smile his adorable smile.
I especially love the part about the frog and the video on your FB is hilarious!!