Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crawling Back

...from the dead!

Holy crap, that sucked. After last night, we're finally on the mend. Turner's fever hovered around the 103 mark leaving him in a lump on the couch. The poor dude was confused; almost like he knew he was supposed to be up and running but he just couldn't. I'd ask if he wanted this or that to eat and he'd try a bite but put it down. He'd try to play but go sit back down. After not bathing for two days I tried to get the older two in the tub. Turner sat for a minute but I could tell he was just out of it.

I put the boys down for the night last night and finally turned my attention to the baby. He was feverish and starting to get restless. Eli came in to visit around 8:40 and I knew it was going to be a loooong night. Deacon needed to nurse as much as possible to fight the virus but Eli was NOT being a good bed buddy. The baby fell asleep so I brought Eli back upstairs, sat with him until I thought he was sleeping and went back down to comfort a cranky babe. Eli came BACK down at midnight and I thought I'd just let him stay in bed. He tossed and turned and tossed and turned and.... until 4am. I was SO furious. Just tired. The baby nursed all.night.long. Eli kicked and whined. Turner started crying that he wanted Eli back upstairs.


I brought Eli upstairs, brought Turner to my room and told them to sleep or I'd be very upset. I know, great mommy skills. Everyone was screaming; I was desperate. They slept til 7:23. Joy.

The good news is that the baby slept from some time in the early morning until around 10am. Fever free. He's on the mend now, too.

I felt terrible about the morning so I sneaked in to the shower and just washed the funk off. I promised the boys that we'd make cookies if they took a good nap. I've been able to put them ALL to sleep (Turner sounds like he's just laying in bed, coughing his little head off), have a cup of tea and read some "mom-spiration."

Here's to a better week!

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Christine said...

Oh honey!!! My heart aches for you guys!! Being sick sucks, and even mroeso when you have to take care of other people with no back-up! :(

Hope you are all on the mend!! :)