Monday, March 12, 2012

Pre-Deployment "Vacation"

I use quotations because bringing three small children anywhere isn't really a vacation for the parents involved. 

This past weekend we brought the kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg for an overnight stay. They were thrilled at the idea but execution of the stay was a little chaotic! I booked the "Kid Camp" room because it had bunk beds and a TV in the room. I thought they could fall asleep to a movie while John and I enjoyed a movie while relaxing in bed. I have NO idea what I was thinking! 

Deacon had a totally different plan and refused to go to sleep. Eli was completely freaked out by the darkness of the Kid Camp and Turner wasn't going to play the game if Eli didn't! 

They were all, however, tired. I was up all night with Deacon because he is the absolute worst co-sleeper I've ever created! I found John on the couch, if that says much. 

Checking in to the hotel. 

It looked like it was going to be a good night...
Crappy night of sleep or not, everyone had a great time. The kids just loved the water and being able to do some of the slides on their own. 

Everyone had fun, even if we were a little rough around the edges!
A worth it "vacation" if you only have two kids or if all of your children are older...or if you could have another helper around for man-to-man defense. We will give it another shot before we leave, especially now that we've experienced a trip. 

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