Sunday, June 6, 2010


Happy 2nd Birthday, Mr. Elias!
Child, you have given me a run for my money but taught me SO much patience in the mean time. I have never laughed so hard nor cried so many tears over one boy.
Your eyebrows can make my day.

Your sweet face can stop me in my tracks.

The last day of 1.

You are the sun in my shine and the happy in my ness. I know I am a complete person because you were born and I know you will do something with your life. You might be getting your ass kicked in some extreme sport or running for office based on a crazy platform. Either way, people will talk!

You are demanding, loving, passionate, determined, sweet, chaotic, fearless, brave, hilarious, thoughtful, mouthy, intelligent, amazing, athletic, impatient, energetic, complex, fierce, loyal and you are Mamma's boy!

I love you my sweet little man. You bring the light to my life.

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Mike and Cicely said...

What a sweet post! That second picture of the eyebrows cracked me up! Love it!