Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ah, Newport in the SUMMER!

Um, er, fall...or spring. The weather up here isn't sure what it wants to do yet. It's very cool and I only have summer clothes for myself and the kids! Oh well... Despite the weather, 
we're excited to spend some time with John. He's in Newport, RI "to learn to be the captain of the ship," according to Turner. 

We drove from New Jersey, straight to the "hotel" (aka bachelor quarters). The room is split in to two areas so its better than I thought it was going to be!

We headed straight downtown for pizza and ice cream. The kids really enjoyed running around on the grassy square in the middle of town. 
How does he do that with his eyebrows?!?

Daddy, always the indulgent one.


Deacon learned to spit and kept doing it on John's shirt. 

Some wrestle time with Daddy.

Rest time.

John's yacht. Uh, totally joking....

Enjoying a chocolate covered marshmallow, after a dinner of pizza a dessert of ice cream.

I'm hoping the weekend plans include a visit to Boston and Plymouth, MA. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and the kids have already learned the art of bouncing off the walls in the room. There isn't much to do indoors with kids here on the island so I bet I'll be doing a lot of driving around! 

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Mike and Cicely said...

Great pictures! Looks like y'all definitely know how to have a good time- pizza, ice cream, and then chocolate covered marshmallows? Y'all are my kind of people! :)