Thursday, June 30, 2011

Turner Takes New York

Since he was little, Turner was always intrigued by New York City. I think it has to do with taxis...

He always wanted to know where all the taxis were (we live in suburban areas with out many taxis). One day, I told him there all drove around in New York. There ya go...

So, after weeks of waiting for the right chance, we were able to go. 

Turner inserting his Metro ticket. He called it "zivving" his ticket.
I have no clue, either...
One the platform in New Jersey. 

Aunt Katie was kind enough to tag along as our navigator. 
He enjoyed standing up while the train was moving. 
First taxi ride! He was a little creeped out by not being in a car seat. 
My view while I had breakfast in Central Park. It was the most
perfect day to be in the city: sunny and maybe 70 degrees. 
Turner found this huge rock and kept running back to me to get a bite of his sandwich. He was thrilled
when I suggested taking his breakfast and sitting on the top of the rock. 
More rock climbing. He loved the sticks and rocks...just like at any other park, anywhere...
Handing some change to the sax player. 
We enjoyed a short walk in the park before heading off to see a few more sights.
What's that noise? He loved that he could hear the subway! 

See the teeny tiny writing in the middle? In photoshop, it looked bigger. It says "Right Here!"
There we are, on the jumbotron!
Little Boy in the Great Big City 
Aunt Katie suggested Crumbs, and we more-than-willingly agreed!
All that walking was just too much for almost five year old legs. He crashed with
30 seconds left on our train ride. 
Our visit to NYC was just perfect. It was the first time Turner had never had the option of being in a stroller, even if just for a break. After just three hours we had ridden the Path, seen our lives flash before our eyes during a taxi ride, had breakfast in Central Park, walked in Time Square, perused the M&M's store AND Toys R Us, purchased way too many cupcakes at Crumbs and ended the day with some postcards at a super tacky store. 

It was fun! 

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