Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Childhood Milestone

About a week ago Turner insisted he had a loose tooth. Seeing that he's only 4, I blew it off for a few days with a "Uh, huh! I see." On the third day of his insistence, I bent down all excited and tested out the tooth. Sure enough, it was loose! 

The next few days were spent explaining why teeth fall out, that the process is painless and that his adult teeth will come in now. We even watched videos on Brain Pop, Jr. to make him feel better. 

Within a few days it was "very waggly." While I was out at the store, Turner asked my mom for a piece of gum and his first baby tooth came out quickly and painlessly. 
I'm still in shock that he lost his first tooth!

Buh bye baby tooth!

Turner insisted we write the Tooth Fairy a letter. He told me exactly what to write.


Christine said...

LOVE IT!!! He's going to be 5 in a bit! Unbelievable!!!

Mike and Cicely said...

Love the letter to the Tooth Fairy!! So sweet :)