Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh, yeah, reality...

We've gotten quite spoiled over the last months. I mean, sure, we've dealt with separations (like six months' worth in 2011...cake, comparatively), but his has been a very off year. So off I'm sure that if Big Navy found out I feel like we'd have to pay a penance or something. 

John's been around: a lot -enough so that the kids have gotten used to it and our first of three children actually like going to him (as a baby). 

We've known all along what a fluke year this was going to be so we've tried to do as much as possible as a family. Family Fun Night is every Friday, weekends are together, shopping is (sometimes) together, whatever we can do is as a family to really use this time to connect. Making the most of this year has been the most important goal. 
Daddy helping Turner with school work. 

John got a phone call with a rumor that we initially dismissed. Then, the source called to say what what true and hearsay...

Now we're on stand-by: waiting to hear weather John will take command of his ship in just days. 

It all might come to a screeching halt, but I can be comforted knowing that we really did soak it all in!

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