Sunday, September 4, 2011

Finally, a Birthday Party!

Hurricane Irene ruined my little buddy's party last weekend. We decided to still have the party, but a weekend later. Grandma scrambled to change her plans and so did John's aunt and uncle. A lot of our greatest friends came but we did have a lot of families that happened to all be going to Annapolis for a football game (three families!) so lots of little people weren't there. 

BUT, we had a fan-freaking-tastic time!
Grandma (Aunt Cathie is behind the brick wall) helping out with decorations.
The Castle.

(Minus the plastic wrap I've had since we lived in Monterey) This is where the
knights and princesses decorated swords, shields, princess crowns and wands. 

The food, all covered because a swarm of flies descended on the back deck.

Of course, Turner loved all of his decor. 

Kids had fun in the dirt pit! 

Even dads enjoyed shield decorating.  
Getting ready to hunt for the black dragon that had stolen the King's gold! 

Our friend, Josh spotted a clue! 

The kids had to find four clues that finally led to...


The dragon had to be slayed!  
Grabbing candy from the pinata. 

Blurry, but we're (almost) all looking! 

The castle cake that was only supposed to be the size of a smallish square plate...
I can never leave well enough alone! 

Turner checking out the scene. There was the cake, cake push pops from Twisted
Sisters Cupcakes, M&Ms, dipped pretzel sticks, Twizzlers and cookies from Sweet
Bella Bakery.

Happy Birthday my little man! 

Enjoying his push pop. 

Eli throughly enjoyed himself! So did Deacon! 
We had such a blast because family and friends (that are like family!) changed their plans to come and celebrate Turner's birthday with us! I was so worried there would be just the five of us that I was sad for Turner (and his first real party!). Everyone proved me wrong and it was a party for the books! 

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Amber said...

What a fun party!! You did an amazing job~as always! :)