Tuesday, January 8, 2013

School Update

Things are moving right along here at Full Sail Academy!

We did some school work immediately after returning from a trip to New Jersey just to try to get back in to the groove quickly. This week is supposed to be our week back to normal (whatever that is) but our Monday started off slow. Daddy's alarm clock mysteriously turned itself off at 5am so we all got up late! 

The big boys were very in to Legos so instead of interrupting that, Deacon and I cleaned up his room and played with cars. 

For the start of the new year, the plan is jus to continue on our current track. Turner is plugging along with Miquon (math) so instead of moving over to Singapore math like I intended, I'm going to let him stay with Miquon. I think by using that and reinforcing with fun games it's making more of an impact for a child with zero interest in math. 

Eli is fascinated with letters and sounds so I'm taking the opportunity to really dive in to this with him. He's a creative soul, so art and creating are a huge part of his day right now. 

That's all for now! This week is all about keeping it easy since I'm trying to balance the new job with this homeschool thing! 

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