Sunday, February 1, 2009

Falling Short

It is really all I can do to keep up these days. I just feel like I'm in a hampster wheel running my ass off. In actuality, I can't even get out for a run...

Eli is such a sweet boy, but, man, he is non-stop. He has always had a strong personality but now he's starting to show (well, since 5 1/2 months) how quickly his motor skills are developing. He hits milestone after milestone. Just when I think "he HAS to have this week off from something" -he gets more teeth, or learns to clap. I have to change his diaper with his head/upper body between my legs just to get the dang diaper on half straight. He's very manipulative, and I fall for it. We've given up any hope for getting him to sleep on his own at any point right now. We've decided to wait until we get to Jacksonville to introduce him to Turner's crib. I need him to sleep for a few hours on his own. I'm going crazy.

Turner's starting to speak in sentences and I adore it! I love everything about the things he says. This morning, he had a motorcycle in one hand and half a banana in the other and says to me "Mommy! Which hand? The motorcycle or the banana?" It was so cute. Any time the camera is out he says "Mommy! Take a picture of me" and then makes the weirdest "cheese" face. It's hilarious.

The movers are coming the 9-11th and John graduates on the 12th. I'll be happy when this 3 years of schooling are finally over! When work is over, it's OVER! No more studying!! It's so hard when Turner's begging for Daddy to play but Daddy's working on flash cards.

I've been avoiding the gym with the excuse of not wanting the kids to get sick. EVERY time I go, someone gets a cold. I just can't deal with it right now and would rather deal with a giggly butt!

I guess when all's said and done and the boys are old enough to remember, they'll know their mamma played with them all day. Even if that meant the dishwasher never got unloaded and all the clean clothes are in a pile on the floor...

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oh nellie you inspire me. I worry too much about keeping my house clean.
Eli is really smart and that's why he is keeping you on your toes.
I love the banana or the motorcycle sentence! More pictures please and I don't believe you for one minute that you have jiggly ass