Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's Starting, Already!

Let me just say, I know I've been spoiled since returning from Japan in 2005. HOWEVER, it's never easy getting used to "ship" stuff again. John's class split up in to the "top sider/bottom sider" sections in December and ever since then I can't help but keep tabs. Our dining room window faces the street and starting around noon I see the other husbands start coming home. By 3, at the latest, most are parked in their designated spots. I still wait. By 4 Turner's ansy, by 5 I give up and put Ollie on in the Mei Tai so he'll sleep. I have to STOP. John being CHENG just means it's going to get worse, very soon. Gone are the days of ever counting on him to be home so I can make dinner. I have to suck it up and just be thankful for having him around for so long. (...deep breath in...)

With the orders modification, the ship he's going to is "in the yards" -meaning it's being overhauled (instead of being deployed very soon) . No water time for him. Just long work hours. I know he'll leave the house around 4 and possibly be home by 7ish. The "ish" meaning later.

I'm just so happy we'll be in Jacksonville, where I can count on getting out of the house every day! I think it will make a big difference -getting out to the park, going for walks and just not having to brave single digit temperatures!

The packers come Monday and Tuesday and I've got NOTHING done. I figure just survive and we'll figure it out on the other end!

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