Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pack Out # 6!

The packers are coming tomorrow and I have the least amount done, ever. I usually get all worked up that I'm not organized enough but, this time, I could CARE LESS! After the second kid, I think you just start letting go of anything you think you have control over. This is a good thing!

I did manage to get my bedroom-sized closet cleaned out. Anything we're packing and don't want the movers to touch we're stuffing in there. It's werid to see bags of snacks, laundry detergent, toys and the portable DVD player in there but it's the safest place in the house. These packout guys can get pretty careless. When we moved from San Diego to Japan, someone packed the bathroom trash can...along with it's contents. Lovely.

We usually get the cream of the crop in the moving world. When our driver for the move from Land O' Lakes to San Diego showed up he was alone. Yes, alone to move large items. Even better is that he had been in a previous "altercation" with the guys that were packing. Something involving guns...

The packers for San Diego to Japan were pretty stellar, too. They were not only lazy, but careless. Until I offered booze that could not be shipped and they shaped up pretty quick. They were stinky and fought with eachother the ENTIRE time.

Japan was out of this world! The packers showed up and took their shoes off EVERY time they came in the house. Carrying a couch? Take your shoes off! They even wrapped cushions. Oh, they were so wonderful. The took ONE break, to scarf down lunch. That was it!

The move from Monterey was an interesting one, too. One of the packers was a "shim." Turner saw her/him for the first time and said "look, a girl" because he was in the identifying stage. Yeah, honey, Mommy doesn't know what that is. The male packers, without being prompted, told us that shim was a female. In fact, she was dating the secretary. Yeah, we didn't need to know that. They took breaks like CRAZY and fought the whole time. The mover showed up with two guys he just hired. They fought the whole time and were so slow that we didn't leave until 11 pm!

So far, so good today. You can never tell until you're unpacking on the other end...

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Mandi said...

Happy Moving! Let's hope no full trashcans make it to Florida.

We miss you guys!