Sunday, March 8, 2009

All Babies Are Different

Yes, I know this. I just didn't know to what an extreme extent. Originally, I thought the differences in my own kids would be like a Gala and a Fuji or a tagelo and an orange. Same family, just tiny differences. WRONG!

Nern and Ollie's inherent personalities are polar opposites. Now, I'm not comparing them to see who's better at what or who reached what milestone first (Eli, hands down). I'm so absolutely, stripped down exhausted that I've nothing left to do but just that.

I see my personality in Turner. Easily flustered by small things -like messes. He's always saying "I made a mess. Can you kween it?" He's very go-with-the-flow about his goals. Didn't make it up the climbing wall? Eh, take the ladder. It's still climbing. He's a compliant, non-questioning, rule follower (for the most part). Never climbed out of his crib, rarely gets out of his big boy bed and doesn't question authority. The only reason Turner throws a fit is if he's tired and that would be our fault. He doesn't just melt down if things don't go his way. He's compassionate beyond words and has a need to fix things -meticulously. Turner is a sensitive soul and I'm pretty sure he will always be this way. I have to be careful when disciplining because I can hurt his feelings with just my tone of voice.

Eli. Oh, my sweet Elias. He is his daddy made over. Bull-headed, goal-oriented to the Nth degree, and non-stop. Up in his neck of the woods, John is known as St. John. Ne'er do wrong, could charm the knickers off a sweet ol' southern lady, loudly out-going, good ol' boy. If you blink, you might miss Eli. Yep, he just flew by. He can take two to three steps and crawl faster than than you can leap over the couch to save him from ripping the TV out of the wall. He's so sweet and charming and "says" all the right things. He's so outgoing he can make friends for his older brother. I first noticed Eli's iron will when, at two weeks he could keep his head up. He had to know what we were doing around the house. You can't tempt him with distractions, or re-direct his curiousness. He has to know the facts. How does gravity work? He'll test it by pulling up on our heavy metal and leather barstools and fall straight back on his hard noggin. How does electricity work? Hmm, stick a straw in the socket and see what happens. Knowing what he wants in life will not be Mr. Ollie's downfall, but being so passionate he gets his heart-broken will be.

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