Sunday, March 22, 2009

Menu Saturday...on Sunday

This weeks savings on groceries totaled $52 and some change. I just paid attention to the flier and used the B1G1's and coupons. It was actually kind of fun since I got to go by myself!

The Menu:
Saturday - Sorta Caesar Salad (sale on the lettuce and the mushrooms!)

Sunday -Bono's BBQ courtesy of the Grandparents-in-Law

Monday -beer and lime roasted chicken (69 cents/lb), cilantro rice, zuchini and tomatoes

Tuesday -chicken tortilla soup

Wednesday -fish, sauteed chard with garlic chips, simple risotto

Thursday -turkey and apple wraps with mixed greens, cheese and apricot/dijon sauce

Friday -parents in town, not sure what we're up to

Saturday -John's hail at the Captain's house

In all, I'm happy with how I've been paying better attention to the grocery situation. This past Friday I had a pity party for myself and went to Fresh Market. The $14 in savings from last week was negated by the $41 I spent on a pizza, wine and bananas! Oops.

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