Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cutting the Bill

Tomorrow is my first experiment with actually paying attention to the grocery bill for the first time in a very long time. I'm starting out with the Chicken Experiment. I am modifying it a little bit. Here goes...

Lemon Roasted Chicken with parsnips, carrots, red potatoes, and onion

Chicken on mixed greens with strawberries, avacado and balsamic dressing

Chicken Picadillo

Chicken Burritos with Mojo

Italian Turkey Pasta

Prosciutto, pine nut and spinach pizza (our splurge of the week)

chicken stock from the roaster

The reason behind so much chicken this week is that I wanted to see what could actually be done with the bird. Really, can you get down that low with the bad boy? Also, John's returning to work and how easy could this week be?!? I'm using as much pantry food as possible. Next week we'll be back to our fish 2-3 times per week and not so much meat. I plan to balance out that cost by doing some other cheap -but healthy(er) eats.

I've spent two evenings really researching the couponing world. While I don't think I'll go all that crazy with things since I don't have 12 kids to support, I do think we could benefit from a few cents off here and there. Who couldn't?

A few great sites so far:
A Full Cup
Southern Savers -check it out for "how to's" -like couponing and "CVSing."

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