Saturday, March 21, 2009


Last night was John's first night of duty since 2005! When I thought about it, I really couldn't belive it's been that long. The last time he was CDO (the in charge person on the ship when the Captain isn't around) was November of 2005! How lucky have we been?
All week I'd been eased in to taking care of the boys all day -without the extra set of hands that have been around for so long. So, it wasn't all that bad. I took the boys out to the zoo in the morning. On the way back home, Turner tried to stay awake...until we got off on our exit. I tried so hard to keep him awake since it was only 11:30! He was talking all sorts of nonsense about blue monkies and Mr. Bear going down a slide. Poor kid, he just couldn't hang. We got home and the transfer from carseat to bed didn't go well. Nor did the rest of the afternoon. Hilights include when Ollie hit his head so hard he dented it, when Turner melted down and just couldn't keep it together and when I found Ollie noshing on a peanut butter sandwich and drinking milk. No one died, or was irreversibly damaged. I chalk that one up as a win!

It's 10am on Saturday and we're still waiting for CHENG to get home. Turn-over was at 0745. I have a feeling we're always going to be waiting on him!

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