Monday, September 27, 2010

Eeeeew, I'm Infected!

I've caught what everyone seems to have...

Keep-up-with-everyone-itis. Bleah. It's draining.

I ran across this post and realized what's been ailing me: distractions. That weird Ouija board like infection that made my fingers automatically type "fa..." and then hit "enter." Without thought, I'd log right in to Facebook and get sucked in to scrolling down the news feed. At least 10 minutes wasted.

Friend doing something interesting?


Yikes, sounds like a crappy day for you.

20 seconds wasted on someone's complaining.


Hmm, that kid is really growing up. Wait. Who's kid is that?


That's Deacon?


30 minutes, at least, this particular morning. Wasted. Wasted on a distraction. Wasted on someone else's life.

It was without much thought that I removed the application from my already addictive smartphone. I logged out of Facebook and had an incredibly productive day doing things around the house.

This is my job: to be distracted by MY family. Not someone else's.

So, now I won't know that you go new jeans and mine are from last fall. I won't know that your new haircut rocks and I won't know that your kid puked 10 times last night and your husband was out late, again.


Call me crazy, but the people that I want to stay in touch with are right here.

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Amber said...

Just a quick note to say I LOVE this blog post about distractions. You said it best when you said you want to be distracted by your family. :) I love that.