Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So, here's how it works around here: Triage. I treat the worst, most serious, wounds and then go to the next patient or situation.

Quick what needs attention first?
A.) road rash on the top of a foot
B.) kitchen sink build-up that may warrant a visit from the "Clean House" ladies
C.) a floor that hasn't been completely mopped for over two months
D.) a tower of 23 blocks that's about to topple over
E.) showering for the first time in more days than you care to know

The correct answer is D.) a tower of 23 blocks that's about to topple over. Why? Because that's what my boys want. They want to play. Eli cried for not even three seconds over the nasty abrasion on the top of his foot, the cleaning (ahem, lack thereof) drives me absolutely insane but my boys are just this age once. One single time in years and years and lots of wonderful years.

Someone recently said to me "I stopped caring about the toys on the floor when I realized they wouldn't be there forever." It resonated in a way no other words have. My babies won't remember the spotless floors, the organic, home made snacks painstakingly prepared; they will remember the fun at the beach, the games and the wonderful days digging in the dirt.

For now, I triage. I wipe up blow-outs, let Deacon cry for two minutes so I can show Turner I am paying attention and bend down to make eye contact with Eli. The from scratch bread may be over kneaded, dinner may consist entirely of what many consider snack items and my husband may wonder if I ever brush my teeth...

But we are happy.


Nicole said...

Thanks, Nellie. I needed that idea about toys on the floor. I was just getting on to them about them earlier today. Looks like I've been focusing too much on the short term again lately :)


Nellie you are the coolest. This last week the kids have been watching waaaaaaay too many dvd's so that I can clean up or have time to myself. Next week I am going to tell them the dvd player is broken so we can dig in the dirt and play some more. Thanks for the inspiration.