Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eli's Turn

Poor dude. 

He did not have a good day. He was ornery and kept crying at random. 

I found him like this when he was supposed to be napping.

We went to the Y so I could go for a swim and the boys could play. After that we went to the park, came home for naps, Turner practiced some sight words for school and then went back to the park. 

Eli was just off all day. I cuddled him and just tried to tread lightly. He fell at the park and I actually thought he might have injured himself because he kept crying and whining about it (usually, a kiss will make it all better). We got home and he was still crying, bath time was teary eyed, getting in to jams was filled with tears...

Finally, I said "Buddy, show Mommy where it hurts. Is it your chest (from the fall)?"

 His lip curled up and he goes "I want Daddy. I miss him."

(Insert Mommy sucking it up right here)

Poor dude. He was out of it. 

Turner totally stepped up and put his arm around him and goes "It's ok, Eli, I'm the dad now." This all stems from a conversation with John in which John tried to explain to Turner that he was the "man of the house." 

Heh. Men.

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Katie said...

I am A) teary now, sweet Eli and Turner and B) giggling. The underwear on head pic is my new favorite.