Friday, April 8, 2011

Gearing Up

We've been gearing up for some time without Daddy. Unlike January, I've tried to prepare a little more based off the last experience when we were whacked with the flu, then colds. I've pre-made breakfast items, thought of snack ideas and am going to the commissary for a stock up trip (if it's still open when/if our government shuts down!!).

Instead of rice boxes for this month I made some new sensory boxes for school/around the house. I've been trying to plan things to do but it seem that life got in the way and I have had to play catch up with baby food making and climb Mt. Laundry.

I've been working on a ton of things around the house as these were the last weeks of nothing for John. We'll be back to some sort of grind at the end of the summer and I don't anticipate doing fun home decor things then!

Trying to prepare the boys for Daddy's absence has led to "normal" (for us) adverse behavior. Turner gets incredibly emotional and does lots of out of character things. Eli usually doesn't really notice much until someone (cough cough Turner cough). Thankfully, it's not our first rodeo and unlike the last few times John's left, I'm much more prepared for it. Nothing makes even short separations easy but I think we'll be alright this time around.

Hopefully, these few weeks of separation and then the next few months will pass without incident. As long as we don't get sick, I can handle almost anything!!

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