Thursday, April 19, 2012

To Da Beach!

Monday was absolutely gorgeous, so the boys and I made it a beach day. It was our favorite homeschool lesson of the week: how to absorb vitamin D! 

This was also (probably) our last visit to a favorite spot for the busy season. I like to avoid the crowds and use the bases around here for beach access. 

Sandy baby toes! 

Deacon enjoyed a few snacks while watching Turner and Eli play like goons in the freezing ocean! 
Digging for sand fleas! Eli did the digging and Turner did the creature capturing.
Putting out a fire.

Fun times digging up things in the sand!
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We had so much fun I can tell this is going to be a good year for us at the beach! Last year Deacon was just crawling around so he was face-first in the sand and eating a lot of it. The big boys respect the water now that they are swimming(ish) and Deacon has enough fear that he doesn't dart right for it. I'm hopeful for many beach days this season! 

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