Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

I was so happy to have "family" close (enough) to spend Easter with because holidays without anyone to share the joy of your kids on a special day is just another day. The boys always enjoy long-time friends Chad and Kate and heading to D.C. is always fun for everyone. 

Last Monday, I made them an Easter lunch. The had different items in an egg carton and I think they had fun with the "eggstra" special lunch. Any time I make a lunch like this, it's a hit! 

Nuts, seeds, dried fruits, pirate booty, and even a picke in the carton! The kicker was a
boiled egg. The boys loved cracking the egg!

Reading "Happy Easter Curious George." 
When I mentioned going to D.C. for Easter, Kate told me about the sun rise service in Arlington National Cemetery. I knew it would be a challenge with kids being up so early in the morning but the kids did really well, considering! It was pretty chilly sitting on the marble benches (on a blanket!), but sitting anywhere for an hour and 40 minutes (we arrived early to ensure a seat) in the cold is difficult for anyone. 

Dawn in Arlington National Cemetery. The other side of the amphitheater is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 

It was a beautiful, peaceful, sunrise. 

On the grounds of the cemetery. 
Since we needed to stay on track to make it to the service on time, I told the boys that the Easter bunny probably wouldn't have made it to the house by the time we were awake. Instead, the bunny would probably visit while we were out. As Chad and Kate put the boys in the car I put baskets o'fun stuff. Since I had gone to the trouble to make my dress and the boys' ties, I really wanted a picture after the service. We were so cold, I decided to just try to get a few when we got back to the house. Not a great idea! The kids were too excited so these were just about all I got in terms of "official" pictures! Oh, well...there are memories, at least. 

These ties were super simple and quick to make...not to mention velcroed on! 

Where's Deacon?!? Some how, between the last picture and this one, Eli untucked his shirt! 
My camera is dying a slow death. :( I can never count on it for a good shot any more.
I do love Eli's super-cheese, though! 

Animal House! 
After the service and baskets, we enjoyed brunch and an egg hunt with Kate's mom, dad, sister and family. It was fun for the boys to run around with Ann and Ed for the afternoon! 

Chasing Charlie around the yard.

Deacon was the lucky duck that got to go first (even though he had no clue what was going on!). 

Eli the stealth hunter! I didn't get many pictures of this guy! 

Deacon's first egg hunt -he was too little last year.

Turner was very happy for some "harder to find" eggs. 

Ann, Edward, and the boys. 


Eli peaking in on a mamma bird sitting on her eggs. 

These kids are troopers! 

My sweet bunny boy. 

The only decent picture of my dress! It fits like a glove and I have my grandmother to thank for all the help walking me through parts of the pattern I didn't understand. It was fun to "have" to call her so many times last week.

As I was tucking Eli in tonight he said to me: "You know, I never did find the golden egg!" I don't know why, but he has this idea that every egg hunt has to have a golden egg! I told him next year and I hope I remember...

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Teresa said...

Love your dress! It looks great. Looks like you had a great weekend!