Sunday, April 1, 2012

Museums and Infestations

On Saturday I took the boys to the Virginia Air and Space Museum. The kids really enjoyed this particular museum because of the hands-on exhibits. 

I love their faces. Eli was annoyed we stopped, Deacon was says "air-pane!" and Turner has
his typical cheese face on! 

In the cockpit of a jet.

A flight simulator. 

Baggage claim! The kids put the "luggage" on the belt and it learned how
baggage goes through the beltway at an airport. 

Just buckling up for a flight. 

Inspecting wind! I think he was surprised at the force!

Of course, Eli had to try! 

Building an airplane. 

Baby brother is never far behind! 

More flight simulators!

It was a fun museum and it's easy to get around with the kids. We didn't stay too incredibly long because, apparently, it was a good day to skip naps. They were all a bit tired and ready to go home and play with their new rockets. 

When we returned home and I opened the pantry to decide on dinner, I noticed quiet a few moths. We've been having a problem with a few of them but never anything I thought twice about. For some reason, they finally started to bother me (or they really did multiply in a few hours!). Since we've never had moths before -let alone near our food- I did an internet search for how to get rid of them and learned that you have to go through ALL of your food to find where they are laying eggs. Aside from the moths, themselves, I've never even noticed larva until I went digging. I started at the top of the pantry and worked my way down finally finding the source for the little infestation. A container of arborio rice was housing the little laying ground. I can't imagine how they got in to a screw top jar, but they did! It was gross! 

After finding the source and throwing away almost any open container of grain (flours, rices, etc), I cleaned the pantry from top to bottom with water and white vinegar. I have been hunting moths all day long: a lovely use of time that I don't care to spend on moths! 

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