Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Another Christmas come and gone. I'm so thankful for a video camera, a DSLR and my smartphone. Between the three, I can capture every image, word and memory my heart desires. While I love just being in the moment and not taking pictures or recording video clips, having those digital bits to cherish later makes me happy! 
Grain free, artificial dye free gingerbread boys!
Christmas Eve, we were invited to a friend's for an open house. We have known the Brandt family for quite a few years now and are just now getting around to the same duty station for the first time since we met! It's so nice to have friends that are more like family because generosity like that always makes us feel at home, no matter where we are. 

Toby the Elf made his second annual appearance. 
After playing and eating with the Brandts, we headed home to read the Pajama Elf in new jams and scurry off to bed. We were a bit later than planned, so it was nice that The Night Before Christmas was read aloud at the open house. 

Reading The Pajama Elf. 
After the kids went to bed, Santa's elves got right to work pulling gifts from the woodwork. 

Thankfully, Turner and Eli were so excited Christmas morning that after running in to our room to tell us of the Jolly Man's arrival

Christmas morning 2012.

Deacon was obviously preoccupied! 
New bike!
Play-doh makes him happy. 
Cool Lego boards my dad made from this tutorial. 

Deacon and his car mat back pack that I made from this idea. 
Our first video game system that hasn't even been opened yet! The kids
don't even realize what it is at this point.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! 

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