Friday, December 21, 2012

School Update

I still call myself the most reluctant homeschooler...EVER. Here I am, though, 2.5 years in to this gig: something draws me back day after day.  

Turner is doing well reading, though I need to challenge him a bit more. He's working on "rule breakers" and learning about the nuances of the English language. Mostly, he's still in his Miquon books but I'm hoping to switch to Singapore Math (probably the US version) in January. He truly needs to be switched up often so math is not "boring" to him. The Story of the World and R.E.A.L Science Odyssey are still some favorites! 

Eli really thrives on art! It is rather amazing. He can come up with some intricate plans or a simple drawing and I feel like Jackson Pollack lives in my house. I really think if there is one child that really benefits from being home, it's him. I know Turner does, but he's such a rule follower that he'd go along with anything. Eli, on the other hand, is a rule breaker! He really, truly, belongs home for these years. As crazy as his crafting and creating can make me...

Deacon is pretty sure he's 4. Just ask him! He's reciting things and trying hard to keep up with his big brothers. 

Eli, counting. 

Turner working on some Miquon a while ago. 

Deacon, "working." 

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