Thursday, December 20, 2012

Where Did We Leave Off?

 I'm not going to bother with a catch-up post because so much life occurs in just a little bit of time. There was a deployment home coming, a vacation, lots of fun school stuff, time with friends, melt-downs and crafts. 

I have fallen prey to the instant gratification that our technology saturated world offers. I was an Instagram-aholic. The filters and blurs and seemingly endless edit options. I could easily put up a quick picture I didn't really want to share with the Facebook world, add a caption and bam. No blog post, no stream of comments and "likes" -just a picture, worth a thousand words. 

A few days ago I found out that Instagram (purchased and probably run by Facebook) decided it was going to change it's privacy policy. As of January 16, 2013 they can sell any of my pictures without notifying me (or compensating). My kids sweet faces could be anywhere in the world, without my knowledge or consent (rare, but possible). 

I immediately deleted my account and then I realized: I haven't blogged BECAUSE Instagram is just right at my finger tips (so is Blogger, by the way, because I have an app on my phone). I can still share pictures and stories without having to post on Facebook AND I can continue to chronicle our life story...when I remember to do it! 

Here we are, in December. Everyone is healthy and happy and waiting on Christmas! 

Big boys, decorating the tree. 

The Jolly Men. 

The boys' ginger bread houses and a picture of one my Father In Law's creations. 

Eli and his Grandpa's house. 

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