Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Fun!

I am SO excited for Christmas this year. Turner knows how to tear open gifts and it just makes everything fun when you see the look on his face! Eli is a grabby little monster, so I'm sure he'll have fun too.

Gifts for Turner
trampoline (I'm anticipating lots of indoor time this winter)
rocker for his reading corner in his room
tons of Thomas stuff from our Day Out with Thomas
an Elmo doctor kit
new trucks
play food for his shopping cart
a velcro mit and ball
stocking stuffers (dinosaurs, random plastic animals, an Army helment, small toys)

Gifts for Eli
Laugh and Learn Kitchen (which also doubles for an additional toy for Turner!)
a cool rattle ball that he can push around since he's crawling!
lots of other random toys I found
more spoons! E loves some Sassy brand flexible spoons!

We've put up the few decos we owned and I just raided Marshalls and TJMaxx with the dream of finding Potterybarn-esque things. I'm making my PB-ish wreath. It's $100 bucks right now so I paid $19.99 for a real (huge) plain wreath from the NEX. I bought small and large red and silver glass ornaments ($8 for all) that I'm going to stick on with floral wiring. Cute for now...until I can pretend PB is going to have a blow-out sale and I'll get the really pretty wreath I want!

Now, it's on to creative, inexpensive, decorations for the rest of the house...until I get to go after-Christmas shopping!

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Katie said...

You better keep an eye on who Turner is playing doctor with... hehehe JUST KIDDING!! :-)