Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Deployment Schedule

As if I won't be busy enough with just life, here are my runs:

FL Challenge 1/2 Marathon -Tampa 1/31/10
ING Miami Marathon -Miami 1/31/10
I can't decide between these two. I may take the boys down to have a night with Noni & Pop Pop and drive to Miami, see my SIL and run the ING. Not sure.

Breast Cancer Marathon -Jax 2/21/10
This is a definite. I've wanted to run this since the inaugural year and now have the chance to do it.

Guana River 50k Train Run -PV Beach (Jax) 3/28
The piece de resistance! Yes 30 miles. Once you get up to 26.2, who's counting?

These are the races I've found and am interested in so far. By the time March comes around I am assuming a substantial break will be needed, there will be sparse races in the south and I will be house-hunting for our next duty station!

My goals is to run and complete these races. I am setting these goals not just for myself but for the boys, too. I will start this deployment-with-kids-stuff off on the right foot. It's important for my kids to understand that life doesn't stop with daddy's gone. I want them to see that not only can we survive (my back up plan) but we can thrive and succeed in living a great life.

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