Thursday, September 3, 2009

You Can't Control the Wind, But You Can Adjust Your Sails

It's not often I get the chance to meet other CHENG wives. They are usually holed up somewhere, holding down the fort. I did, however have the chance to meet one about a week ago. She was so sour and spiteful she had a puckered up look on her face. I had to stop for a minute and realize we were both in the same boat with the difference being she's just been at it about a year longer.
Wow! Does a year make that much of a difference? Am I just going to let myself be a hateful, spiteful bitch to the world because I don't like my husband's job? I really hope not. What a waste of energy. Have I been looking all stick-up-my-ass-ish?

To the Other CHENG's Wife: It might be the crappiest job in the Navy, but at least your husband is safe on a ship. Hell, at least you still have him around to be a father to your children (when he's home). At least he's still on a boat, and, at that, not even on the top side. You know, Other Cheng's Wife he could be in Iraq or Afghanistan leading an EOD squad but he's not.

How about you have a nice cup of STFU. It'll do ya some good.

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